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Top 5 Mistakes to

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid Before Working with your Designer

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January 22, 2023

So, your business idea is in place and you’re ready to hit it off with a beautifully designed website that is efficient.

Just before you go ahead and book that appointment with your web designer, there are usually certain items that need to be ready for your web design project to move on effectively. People generally make these mistakes by not getting these items ready before moving forward.

What good will it do your brand without a great professionally made website to match up with it?

Branding is not just about you but why your business exists and how you can add value to others.

The common mistakes to avoid and how to combat them are found below:

1. Not hiring a professional photographer

People generally feel that once they have a good picture from their phones or tabs – it should work! No, that won’t work.


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You need to get your headshot session taken care off well in advance by a professional. Also make sure you take other shots that will be useful for your website.

It is very vital for your shots to be polished and professional.

2. Not having a clear message about you or your brand

It is very essential for you to work with a skilled copywriter to put all your vision and dreams into correct copy writing.

You would not want people browsing through your site and getting confused about your tagline, your pitch or your mission.

A good copy written out for your site, helps us designers to strategically make a custom design just for you with excellence.

It is not the job of the web designer to put words together for the client.

3. Not securing your new website domain name

This is a very important step that people usually miss.

First of all, check your name to see if it is available and buy it if you have not done so already.

Your name will always remain in business – people always want to do business with people.

If your name is already taken, try other variations such as adding official before or media after.

Do not purchase domains that have hyphens in them as they may appear spammy.

You can also use your business name or a DBA (doing business as) name.

This aspect will save your web designer a whole lot of time and the project can begin right away.

4. Not having your business tools ready

You will definitely need some of these tools to help your business which include your online appointment scheduler, client management software, email marketing software, course creation software etc.

5. Not Providing your designer with your kind of style

You need get your main color detail ready and also create a mood board on Pinterest.

Create a new Pinterest board and start gathering website designs, colors, styles, brand details. Click here to learn how to use Pinterest Board to gather visual inspirations for your business.

Creating a mood board or brand board on Pinterest is not a biggie, just follow the steps in the link (create a new board and start pinning!). Be specific when making your searches. It is all for visuals inspirations.

Also make a list of websites you like and what you like about them.

Your web designer will use these to get a better feel and understanding of your style.

When these tasks listed above are completed, it usually makes it so easy for myself and my client to spend more time working together on their actual project and custom designs.

If you are ready to make your dream a reality and have that luxury brand of your dreams, then book an appointment with me for us to chat about your project.


I help online entrepreneurs design beautiful and luxurious brands. From websites, to logos, courses and sales funnels. My goal is to provide my clients with the result they deserve. Connect with me on any of my social media platforms below.

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