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7 Tips to Building

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7 Tips to Building an Effective Luxury Brand

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January 30, 2023

Like I always emphasize “Visuals is everything”. You just have to be a Brand which is a promise to your customer.

The term Luxury Brand simply means successful brands associated with high level of price, quality, rarity and extraordinariness. Branding that deals with high-paying clients.

Brands such as Givenchy, Dior, Hermes, Maserati, Ferrari, Gucci are very different from an everyday one. Why? IDENTITY – They simply told us why their brands are different!

As a smaller business or brand, you just have to differentiate yourself and connect with your clients in more creative ways than ever before.

With these few tips I would be sharing, I will show you that you have the power, boldness and wisdom to do it also.

1. Identity

What is your luxury brand story? Your narrative has to be captivating enough for the next person to care to want to do business with you.

What niche are you offering services to? Be very specific – Is it authors, coaches, women in their mid-twenties or mid-fifties, men etc.


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Who is the icon for your Brand? If you are the face of your brand, you have to be comfortable putting yourself out there.

Be fearless and have audacious dreams.

You need to give clear and concise messaging on what your brand is all about. You have to set SMART goals for your brand.

S-Specific Goals M-Measurable A-Attainable R-Relevant T-Time Bound

Build a Website worthy of your brand. Build a site that matches your statement and identity. It should exude luxury! If you want to charge more for your services or products, your brand needs a higher perceived value.

2. What are your core beliefs?

You need to identify what your core beliefs are. You need to be courageous enough to be an advocate for those beliefs.

What does your brand stand for?

Luxury is a belief, a perception. Your clients need to know the meaning of your brand through which they can identify with and then they decide to stick with you.

3. Re-package your offers

One of my mentors will always say “Create your magical world”.

This is where you need to get creative:

  • Think of your product/ service that will solve people’s problem.
  • How can you re-package this offer to become a high-end offer. I am talking about $50K, 100K, 250K offers. You might say Oh No….that’s a lot, who would pay me that much?

If you believe it, then it is possible. This is where High-offer Brand Designers come in. These Designers are good in these areas of re-packaging your ideas, helping you to build your confidence and turning ordinary into luxury for you.

Remember DIY is never equal to Luxury. DIY is considered cheap.

Hire a good professional brand designer to package your offers for you.

“To make more money, you have to spend money.”

Take for example, I usually let my clients know that it is possible to make that magic happen if they only believe it. You can’t sell what you don’t believe in. They have to hold back nothing. Come to think of it, it is the same amount of energy you will use to garner clients to your $1k offers, you will also use for your $100K offers.

4. Become Innovative, Creative and Rare

Luxury is a statement, an identity, a belief. The look of your luxury item or service should communicate uniqueness and creativity. If you don’t want your product or service to be viewed as common – you just have to be innovative. Focus on innovations rather than repetition.

I love the CHANEL No. 5 perfume and yet it keeps changing – not the scent but the bottle!

Don’t be scared to try new ideas, find new ways to get across to your customers. You just never know which one will hit the most.

This will also harness you into setting new trends.

Another important factor that makes a brand luxurious is rarity. If it is difficult to access, its luxurious!

Create rarity, create scarcity!

5. Be Exclusive!

I personally love luxury cars – they are beautiful, different and exclusive. The Maserati is one of a kind – beautiful in and out.

Exclusivity – set a high price point and surprise your clients with top-of-the-line services. Your office space should exude luxury – the aesthetic a luxury brand presents should show the quality the brand imparts.

Why is it different when you walk into Tiffany’s or Cartier? Everything is just luxury the moment you step in – the meticulous service from the staffs to the display of items – you just don’t want to leave.

6. Be Confident

Now is the time for your confidence level to be at a 100. Yes!!!!

If you are not convincing enough to sell your high-end products, how will you sell……

There are Life Coaches you can hire who can help your Confidence level and relegate fear to the background.

You need to let the fear of rejection out of your mind. Yes, people will criticize, reject or stare you down.

Just keep moving on and don’t waver, the right clients will come along.

7. Brand Loyalty

Customer retention is key when building a luxurious brand or any brand if you ask me. Creating a relationship between you and your customer and helping them have great experiences leads to brand loyalty. Thank them for purchases, send personalized messages when things are going right not only when things are out of order.

If your customer service is poor and customers have to wait three weeks or so to get a response to a complaint or inquiry then you are doing your brand a lot of harm than good.

Creating a luxury brand is a journey that begins with you. I help entrepreneurs turn their expertise into luxurious businesses.

If you are ready to make your dream a reality, invest in it and take it to the next level of greatness, then book an appointment with me for us to chat about your project.

Grab my Free Fillable Branding Worksheet to help you get started on achieving the brand of your dreams.


I help online entrepreneurs design beautiful and luxurious brands. From websites, to logos, courses and sales funnels. My goal is to provide my clients with the result they deserve. Connect with me on any of my social media platforms below.

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